Thursday, March 3, 2011

Up To My Eyeballs

Wow, it was so much easier to post when I had instructions on what to write about!
My days have been filled with trying to get more school done, organizing chores and making sure they get done. 
Lately I feel like I'm settling more fights and dealing with more discipline issues up to my eyeballs!
It must be cabin fever, time for Spring!! Unfortunately the weather here is less than springy. 
I had a couple of sick days, now I'm waiting for the energy I had last week to kick back in again.  Josh and I were both amazed at the amount of organizing and cleaning I got into!  Must be all that working out finally paying off.  I have had a bit more energy, about a month after starting.  Last week though I had energy to spare! Which never happens to me!
Right now my goal is to get Unit 2 done! I have a future goal of getting us through Unit 3 and 4 by Sept.  so we can start Year 3.  Year 3 is the one Bradon needs for Grade 10 learning outcomes.  Funny I've never followed learning outcomes before, the only reason I am now is so he can be tracked for a Dogwood Diploma.  (For those of you not in BC a dogwood is the name that BC gave to it's highschool diploma.  Don't ask me why it's not just called "Diploma".  I guess we have to be special.) 
I need to find some other Canadian Tapestry of Grace users.  I need to pick their brains on what they did for Canadian History.  The end of Year 2, and most of Year 3 are basically US history.  So I won't follow the curriculum exactly.  For example when we do the week about Jamestown Colony I will find a similar Canadian parallel to use instead.  Some US History stories we will look at, I'll pick and choose as we go along. 
So that's my week so far.  How 'bout you?

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