Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mom on a Mission

    Have you ever heard about or thought about a mission statement as a Mom?  It never occurred to me to have a statement.  My mission mainly has been to SURVIVE!  Not just my own survival but hopefully theirs too! 
   Of course I had some idea of what I would like to teach my kids and how I'd like to do that.  Sometimes it works out, sometimes not.  Although I have a slight idea of what we should do, most days we fly by the seat of our pants!  I've always kind of been like that, spontaneous decisions, or combustion, depends on the day.
   I've been picking up some thoughts and mulling them over.  First of all this getting up earlier thing, which didn't work out for me so well this morning, due to a late night of giggly little girls:)  
   Now this Mom mission statement idea.
  You can read all about it here from Inspired to Action.
I printed off some of the pages.  I'll be praying about it and reading through them in the mornings.  Which by the way are going well (when we go to bed), like yesterday when I got up 20 mins earlier and had nice quiet time reading Acts 4.  I decided to read through the book of Acts.  No particular reason.  What's really cool is my 14yr is following me, setting his alarm early and getting up to read his bible.  Super sweet!
   Today we are getting the house ready for Grandma! She's coming to visit yay!  I love my Mom:)

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Dawn said...

YAY on waking up earlier! It is amazing what we can get done in just a little extra time each day!