Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ground Control

   Well this week was a write-off as far as early mornings go,  but not in the way of spending time with people I love!  My Mom was here for a few days over last weekend and into the week.  I had such a good time chatting away with her, we always stay up much to late; hence the lack in early morning rising.   
   Once she left, the Hubby returned.  (not on purpose it just happened that way;)  
   The week flew by, another weekend gone.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back on my mission.  Right now it's lost in outer space!
   I can't wait to dig into the info I printed out, plus pray and seek the Lord on what my Mommy Mission Statement should be. 
   I am so loving watching the snow melt! Even if what's underneath is brown, soggy and stinky!  Ya, and there's THAT too! 


Faith and Family Reviews said...

I miss my mom, so glad you got to spend time with yours. Mind is in Canada and we haven't seen each other in two years when she was here. We haven't been back there since 2005! Too long, but this economy has not been good to our pocket book.

MadameDeals said...

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