Monday, March 14, 2011

I Love Sleep.

  I have discovered a new challenge.  Well, actually it isn't new to me that this will be a challenge, what's new is that I now feel inspired to change and do something about it.  In there lies the challenge.
  I love sleep.  I could sleep 12hrs if  "they'd" let me.  Honestly I don't get out of bed, unless I really have to.  It may be that I lack the will power to abandon my warm cozy bed or it may just be inertia.   Lets go with that one! 
   If it was all inertia though then I probably wouldn't go to bed in the first place.  I look forward to bedtime, all the kids are asleep, I can finally hit my feather pillow and cuddle in my duvet.   Ahhhhhh, is it bedtime yet??
   Ok, so what's the challenge?   To get up earlier. 
     I can hear those words echoing off the walls, can you?  Frightening!  It's a thought that makes me groan on the inside.  Who am I kidding! I'm groaning out loud!
   Where did this come from?  Well it's been kicking around in my brain for years.  It comes up from time to time.  Good thing God loves me and is ever so patient with me. 
   I found this website the other day.  Inspired to Action's Maximize your Mornings.  Due to the constant lack of time for planning school, planning the day, squeezing in little bits of bible reading, I am aptly aware of the need for more time. 
   I will not start getting up at 5:30am!  When I read that on her site I ran screaming from the room. 
    Instead my plan of attack will begin with 15min increments, er, or, well, maybe 5mins.  Babysteps, babysteps.
   My hope is that I can spend this extra time, worshipping God, reading my bible, praying, planning the day and the week.  I also hope this will help me change my evil nemesis "Housework" into a much friendlier giant.
    PS I can't start tomorrow (oh darn) I am fighting a cold (cough, cough).  As soon as I feel better I'll be up 15mins  5 mins earlier.

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