Friday, June 18, 2010

Stuck on a memory

   Memory Lane.  It's a trip.  Epic.  Maybe.  Painful.  Sometimes.  Lovely.  Yeah.  And left to ones imagination. 
  Did you ever share a memory with someone, who was there in that memory, and have that moment of, "Huh? That didn't happen."  Or "I totally don't remember it that way!"  I think we all do. 
  I have these strange memories from my childhood that my Mother thinks I invented.
  I have a memory of a rocking chair breaking while my Dad was rocking me.  My Ma says yes the chair broke, "But I don't think you were on it dear."
  I remember a man at my Grandmother's who tried to hypnotize me with his pocket watch.  My Mother says there was no man, but they did give me half a sleeping pill once, cause I was a "pill" and wouldn't sleep.  Perhaps I was hallucinating.
   My sister remembers that I tricked her into giving me all her money.  Which I spent.  I don't remember, my be she's hallucinating.  She also remembers that I had to promised to play with her if she would clean up all the toys.  Then once she had finished told her I changed my mind.  Ok, I do remember that one, and I felt guilty so I did play with her. 
   I wonder what my children will recall from the days of their childhood.  Will they remember the time I yelled at them for something they didn't do.  I said, "Oh...sorry." and we all laughed our heads off.  Or at least that's how I remember it. 
  Will they remember the time I thought I heard a bear in the bush.  I frantically grabbed 2 children under my arms, stepping on one, dragging the other, and yelling at the oldest to get in the house.  He was running around me in circles trying to figure out what on earth had gotten into me.   I still laugh at that one.
  I'm interested to know what stories they will tell of me and their dear old Dad.   

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