Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Elusive Fitted Sheet

  Folding fitted sheets has never been a task that I have mastered.  I watched my mother magically turn that bumpy, lumpy thing into a flat rectangle that fit perfectly in the linen closet.  She is so good at it that to tell the flat sheets from the fitted I have to unfold them.  Much to her irritation I'm sure, once I have done that, it's obvious!
   I gave up trying to do them like her long ago, and much like a sweet lady I know confessed, I roll them into balls and throw them in the sheet drawer. (No nice orderly linen closets here).
  Recently I received a book called, "Home Comforts".  I have been learning so much from it.  Some stuff I don't really care about like how to count thread counts. Or the proper care of china and crystal, simply because I have none.  Other things are really enlightening though, like how to properly set a dinner table.  That my whole wheat flour, that has been in the cupboard for over a year probably went bad 11 mons ago! Who knew!  (Josh insisted it tasted funny).   And of course one of the most ignored tasks, (not really I'm sure there are others), folding the fitted sheet.
   Here is an excerpt of the book:
    "To fold a fitted sheet, have the wrong side of the center of the sheet and the right side of the fitted corners facing you."  I did not understand this until I looked at the diagram, also having the sheet in front of you helps.(I'm a visual learner). "Fold the sheet in half crosswise, tucking the top fitted corners into the bottom fitted corners.  Fold in half lengthwise, so that all the fitted corners are in a stack. Now simply fold the sheet in half three more times-once along length and twice crosswise. This makes a neatly folded fitted sheet of approximately the same size as the folded flat sheet."
  If you can figure it out from all that you are awesome!! I needed not only the diagram, but to have the sheet in my hand, and to read through the instructions 2 more times.

This is the best picture I can do.  Hopefully you see the fitted sheet on the right, closest to the words.  For some reason the picture flipped, it wasn't put in that way, weird!

   So I tried this method and it works better for me then the "tuck the four corners altogether" method.  It's the flattest I've ever gotten a fitted sheet.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to need some practice though!

   Happy folding Ladies! ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey, Lauralee! It's Melissa from HFBC youth group WAAAY back - Coralie sent me the link to your blog a while ago and I've been "lurking" ever since!

Anyway, bring up this book and I'll "unlurk" every time! I love it - and funnily, bought it about 10 years ago for the fitted sheet and the ironing sections alone, but have learned tonnes more from it. My sheets and my husbands (countless)dress shirts sing her praises...

Keep wading through and implementing things one at a time slowly, and they'll become habit!

You have a beautiful family - and totally enjoy those chickens (I'll keep dreaming for a while - but will love seeing how you are doing with them!).

Dawn said...

I might take up the challenge! I have had a wonderful closet full of wadded up sheets for 10 years! It is such a mess! Good to know that someone else has the same issue.

Lollie said...

Hi Melissa! Great to hear from you! I see from some of Coralie's pics that you have a beautiful growing family as well:)
I sure would have loved to have this book a long while ago. I think it will be my new wedding gift to new brides! LOL!
Who knew there was so much to know about house work? ;)

Lollie said...

Hi Dawn! You are not the only one! I decided to blog it because of all the comments I got on FB about it;)