Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Love It! What is it?

  In 1995 I married my sweet heart.  We were both 19.  I can honestly say that he knew more about domestic life than I did.  I loved the idea of being his wife, taking care of our home and our future children.  I didn't think it would be that hard.  I mean really thousands of women do it everyday and have done so since the beginning of time.  I was clearly, clueless.
  It did not take very long for Josh to realize that something was up.  His young bride had a great aversion to washing dishes.  They were much to icky, to which he responded with raised eyebrows. 
  I would wash them eventually, but he just couldn't understand why I would let the job get so big.  Why not wash them when the job is small?  Hmmm, sounds logical, but nah, I don't want to have to wash them everyday!
  Not only did his pretty young bride have funny ideas about dishes, her ideas about cooking, or lack there of, were interesting as well.
  Finally he politely asked, "Do you think we could have something other than chicken drumsticks and mashed potatoes for dinner?"
  To which I responded, "I am sorry but I don't know how to make anything else."
  After that we spent more then 2-3 times a week having dinner with his parents. 
  My MIL was gracious and sweet.  She taught me how to cook and make meals with what you have around, and I didn't even know she was teaching me.  As I watched her and spent time with her in her kitchen, I picked up little tricks.  
  Cooking is always a huge job when you have little money and even less "food sense".  Like I said before I had taken Foods Class, but that really only taught me how to read recipes.  If I did not have the ingredients or the money to buy them, I was stuck.  And Josh was stuck with drumsticks and mash potatoes!
  We helped Josh's parents wrap up a butchered Moose.  This was THE most disgusting thing I had ever seen!  I was very, very careful not to let my hands touch the raw meat! EWWW! But in an effort to not complain I grinned and wrapped.  My sweet in-laws were not fooled, probably the look on my face and my wrinkled up nose.  They laughed, and teased me, in a kind way of course.  We were broke and thankful for the meat, so I had my first introduction to cooking game. 
   Ok, I just have to say the first time I cooked moose meat it was terrible I couldn't eat it!  It was awful, yet when Josh's Mom cooked it was good.  So back to Ma to learn more tricks.  This is what she said, "A little bit of nutmeg takes out the gamey taste away."
   I invested in a bag of nutmeg!  It worked great!  Until my sweet husband politely asked,"Could you use a little less nutmeg?" Cough, cough!
   Honestly it took a couple of years to get it right.  But before to long my poor man had at least 3-4 dishes on his home menu.  Still going to Mama's house 2-3 times a week:)


Anonymous said...

That Mother-in-love of yours is a treasure. |Someday that will be you- I wonder what you will teach your future blessings??

HollyElise said...

Your MIL is such a sweety - I remember her as Grandma Heidi! (she played my 'grandma' in a Christmas play, remember?)
I'm loving your memories of early marriage, Lollie!

kozimom said...

Well I didn't have to cook wild game, but I can really relate to not knowing anything about keeping a home when I was first married!
Really enjoying your story!

Lollie said...

I remember that play!