Saturday, June 26, 2010


    Bevan was so excited to play the drums and  march with the band for the first time. He marched around with them during the Relay for life, but walk was to long for him to carry that big heavy drum. This time it was a small walk, so he got to play!
     We're hoping the smaller drum is in on time for Canada Day.
     Bevan loves drumming and he's really good at it. Not that I should be surprised, it's just strange when your kids start doing things you can't.
    Well they always seemed to have more energy then me, that I'm use to. You know when that moment comes, and you've always known it would, they are doing things apart from you. Something you didn't teach them, or make them do. Something of their own ambition.  When they succeed at doing something you'd have no hope at being any good at, it's....well a moment of awe.
    This growing bigger everyday person, that once was so tiny in your arms, is stepping out on there own, making their way in the world.   It's kinda cool and hard at the same time.
     It's hard because there's the realization that he won't need me forever.   I won't be the one calling the plays anymore, I'll just be a bystander. Oh I'll still be important! Cause you know Mom is always number one!
   Well until....but we're not that far yet! The cool part is getting to watch these little people become there own person.
I don't like change, but I'll adjust.

  Oh ya, here's a clip of Bevan playing his drum. And our good buddy M is in there too! It's short and a little shaky at first.

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