Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pitiful and Cute.

  The other night I was telling Josh some of the things I remember about our first few months together.  I asked him, "What do you remember?"
  He answered "Bliss." LOL!

    We were married in Sept. and by Dec. we found out we were expecting our first child.  I was super excited, Josh thought the doctor said he wasn't sure! 
   You see Josh was reading a car magazine when the doctor said congratulations you're expecting.  I'm just not sure of the due date.
  And so after being introduced to life with a clueless housewife, Dear Josh was about to be encounter life with PREGNANCY HORMONES!!
   I use to get up every morning with Josh and make his lunch.  His favorite lunch was peanut butter and jelly or honey sandwiches.  I added whatever fruit we had and granola bars.  Brewing the coffee which would fill his thermos.  With morning sickness coming on strong the smell of peanut butter and coffee sent me reeling.  I would spend most of the time on the floor with my head down, vowing I would not hurl!
   Josh started making his own lunches, and I started staying in bed!
   I'm sure there are many stories that Josh could tell.  The most dramatic, funny one I remember is one Sunday morning.
  I woke up feeling yucky and tired.  I really didn't want to go to church.  Josh said that's ok, just stay here.   He got ready and was out the door to his car before I could blink.  I was so upset that he would leave me home alone and didn't want to be left!  I was only in my T-shirt, but didn't have time to throw on my pants.  I jumped into his big orange cork boots and ran after him crying. 
   Josh looked up from his car and saw his crazy wife standing in his boots, balling her eyes out.  He said I looked so pitiful and cute, he came back in.  I got ready and we went to church:)

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HollyElise said...

Awww Lollie...
I'm loving these memories!