Monday, June 14, 2010

The Joyfully Clueless Housewife

    My sweet sister-in-law and I were chatting the other day.  Whatever we were talking about she thought would make a great blog post.  I can't for the life of me remember what it was, just that she had given it a great title and I agreed it sounded good. 
  Maybe if I try writing what we were talking about it'll come to me. 
   You see M and I have great conversations.  She is so great at picking my brain and making it whir.  The children play and my big ones practice entertaining her little ones.  It's great fun! 
   Of the many subjects we analyze together house work was the topic at the moment.  I confessed, which was no secret to her, that when I got married I did not know how to cook or clean.  Josh had no idea what he had gotten into!  Haha!
  You may not know it or maybe you do, let me describe my first roast to you.  This much I knew, you put water with a roast in a roaster.  That it that's all I knew. (This meal thankfully and sadly was for my Dad and not my new Husband). 
   I took the roast, being careful not to actually touch it, and placed it in a black roaster.  Set the oven on to 350 I think.  I filled the roaster almost to the top with water.  I then added potatoes and carrots, unpeeled, uncut and probably unwashed.  Placing the lid on the roaster I then shoved the whole thing in the oven and drove away.  Yes drove away, because roasts take all day don't they??
   When I returned some hours later, it smelled like something had burned.  That is so strange because I was sure it should not be burned.  And while there was still lots of water left, about half full, the meat was not burned, but the carrots and potatoes were black.  Oh they weren't just black they were mushy and black. 
   My Dad looked at the whole scene in horror and then turned to me asking, "Didn't your Mother teach you to cook?"  Well no Dad she was a single working Mom, where would she have time to teach me to cook?  Besides I took foods in grade 8, they just didn't teach me how to do a roast. 
   Well my Dad laughed and laughed.  He ate those black, mushy veggies and the well boiled meat.  And I don't remember him ever asking me to make dinner again.
   The roast story was not one that we discussed that day.  That little story was just for you so you can have some idea of my domestic abilities as I tell you a little bit about my first year being a wife.
   Josh and I had already decided that I would quit my job (babysitting) and stay home once we were married.  I loved the idea of being home, being a wife, even if I really had no clue what that meant!  Boy were we both going to be surprised!!

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