Sunday, September 5, 2010

Gucky, Nuk, Sucky, Binky...

  By any other name is still a ..... pacifier. 
    Who on earth invented such a thing!! I'm sure they did it just to drive me totally insane!  I know it! 
    I am forever searching for it, never leaving home without it and praying it'll still be here at bedtime!
  My first 4 children soothed themselves with a thumb or a couple of fingers.  It was a breeze!  I was never looking for it.  Never running out the drug store after hours to purchase a new one.  It was never spontaneously thrown across the restaurant or parking lot.  Nope, they pretty much kept them on them at all times.  Nice and easy. 
   You know I just thought of this one too, I never had to suck on their thumbs just to make sure they were clean before popping them into their mouths!
   Oh, Sucky, Gucky, Binky thingy you are out to get me.  I can't get any peace if you are not here.  Why did I ever, ever, ever place you in my baby's mouth.  Oh silly, silly mother am I. 
   But my sweet baby really liked you, and she still really does.  I do have a tendency to give her what she wants, especially if she's screaming in my ear.   What will I do now that you are gone.  Will you please come out of hiding??   Good thing we have a spare one hidden, although not her favorite one, it will do in a pinch.  And it's pretty pinchy now!
   Those pacimals were just to cute to say no to.  Now we're done for, had it been the old kind it would have been an easy no.
   I'd much rather have that child suck her thumb!  Yeah, I said it!  It's not really that bad, that thumb, just ask my first 4. 
    You'll be glad to know that yes they all have been weaned off their thumbs and no they did not suck them until they were 10! (It was more like 5, but whose counting?) 
   Anyway I'll be back later I have some Sucky hunting to do or in Madalyn's words  "Gucky!".

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