Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Close But No Cigar!

  Are you curious yet?  There were a couple of good guesses on my FB comments.
   Australia....I do want to go there and I have a girlfriend that lives there!!
  Israel....Close it is in the Mediterranean, and I would like to visit Israel too.
  Africa... not as much desire to go there.  Lions and Tigers and whatever else, I'd much rather visit at the zoo not up close and personal!  But still a beautiful Continent worth visiting!

Nope the place I am trying to convince Josh we need to go is....

THE GREEK ISLANDS  More specifically Santorini.  That's the one I really want to see, and then some other islands there too. 
Now it's deciding do we go and stay there, or do we go on cruise there??
You understand I am just dreaming, there is no REAL plans, maybe in 2013 I'll get to go there.
But I'm thinking if I start talking about it now then maybe, just maybe Josh will think he wants to go there too!
  Until then I will leaf through my travel books from the library and day dream about coffee on a Greek "Lanai".

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Unknown said...

Oh I so want to go there to.....It looks so wonderful....Greece here I come!! In my dreams:)