Wednesday, September 8, 2010


  I've learned a lot about this skin condition over the years.  My first baby developed a bad case on his wrists at 6mons.  We had ups and downs with it for 5 years.  Then at about 6 or 7 years of age it just disappeared!
  My forth child had some eczema behind her knees which started at around age 6 and ended before she turned 8.
   For the first case I tried natural remedies and food allergy ideas, to no avail.  We used a cream from the Dermatologist called Elicon or com not sure.   There were no shampoos used on him, the only soap I could use on him was White Unscented Dove.   His clothes were washed in Ivory Snow and doubled rinsed.  When he got to be about 4 or 5 I switched to Unscented Purex.
   Now here we have baby #5 and she too has eczema.  On her wrists initially since about 18mons.  Then recently on her elbows as well.  The worst part is the itching.  They rip their skin apart while they scratch. 
   Josh and I had done some soul searching with the Lord.  We prayed as the Lord lead us, rebuking possible genetic lines of Anxiety.   The next day her eczema was amazingly good.  I could give her milk, cheese and yogurt without any flare ups.  We thought we were really on to something.  And we are, we just don't have all the pieces together yet;)  A few months later we have a really big flare up, (Yes I was very anxious about some stuff).  Also some other things we're working out. (Nothing to worry about though:). 
   Meanwhile through all this I'm praying and asking the Lord to give us some way to stop the itching and bring healing.  Well through a couple of unrelated conversations something came to my attention.  Something you'd never or well at least I'd never thought of for eczema.
  LANSINOH.  Yes that's the nipple cream for breastfeeding.   I know it sounds weird, but it works so well!!  It takes away her itching and repairs the skin at the same time!  Now all I'm thinking is WHY didn't I think of it sooner!!
  I even found some Lansinoh cloth wipes, perfect for her little hands and face on the go!
   I am thankful for God's great ideas as He helps us in the learning process!

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