Monday, November 16, 2009

Snow Day!

     Well you might not agree with all my decisions.  And I'm sorry if you disapprove, not that it will stop me;)  But today we are postponing school and going outside to play!  Well the kids are going out to play, I'm going to bake cookies and maybe in between cooking time take Madi out in the snow. 
     We got a beautiful little dump of snow last night.  More then the little skiff a few weeks ago.  The children could hardly contain themselves this morning.  In the words of my 7yr old "The whole neighborhood is covered in snow!!" 
     Natalie is still not 100% yet so I'm not going to let her stay out too long.  Here's some of my snow babies for you to see!


Anonymous said...

Isn't the best part of homeschooling that you can take days off when YOU want to rather than when some bureaucrat tells you to.

Annie said...

Love days like that!!!

Unknown said...

It was a pretty surprise :)

Jamie H said...

Stopping by to check you out since you left a comment on my BF post :) Snow! I live in MN and it was 50 degrees today! To be honest though, I'm not complaining!

Cheryl @ On the Old Path said...

I think snow days are great. We had one a few days ago and I did the same thing and posted pictures too! Yet we had less snow. Alas all of ours has melted and the kids are anxiously awaiting more!

Traci Michele said...

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