Sunday, November 15, 2009

Change Me

I'm kinda bummed.  We didn't go to church today because some of us have been sick.  I was afraid to infect everyone else so we stayed home.  I really needed the social interaction today though, and the kick in the pants my Pastor's sermons always give me, well either that our an "ah-ha" moment, love those.  And even though it sounds kinda painful I really do love a good kick in the pants too, cause I already know you're right, I just have to get up and do it.
So today I'm asking You Lord to Change me, again.  Change me from who I've been lately, like the song from Sanctus Real.  So in the words of Sanctus Real
"Would You speak to me? Show me what I need. Is it patience, kindness, all that's in between, loving others the way You love me"
"Won't You change me from the way I've been lately, cause I can't see living without You."

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