Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hot and Healthy Thru the Holidays!


I'm in! I'm in! 
Joining some blog ladies to keep each other motivated through the holidays.
Since Baby number #5 and the medication we had to be on, I am waaaaaaaay out of shape.
And I find my tredmill extremely boring, time to get busy, and what better way then with a bunch of other moms!

Well I'll try to keep up!  hehe 

I have a new Wii Fit, so I'm going to try and keep up with that and do some working out.  I've started, but skipped a week now, so better get back too it!
Here goes...something anyway;)

Sorry about the html code showing, not sure what that's about!!  Thanks Darci for the great advice;)


Unknown said...

We are waiting for my wii fit in the mail, I know it's going to be all reprimanding when I finally get on :) PS the button showed in my reader and now it's only code. Try removing it all and re-adding under the html tab and previewing it under both tabs. hope this helps.

Traci Michele said...

Hey there! I'd LOVE a wii fit! Maybe for Christmas, he hum??? :-)

I have some updates, questions, regarding the Psalm 119 Challenge on my blog today, if you want to check it out.

Have a great Friday!


Lollie said...

Thanks for the tip Darci, hope I fixed it, it looks ok in my window;) I actually did 30min cardio on my wii, after it told me I was 40!!! Sheesh!

Traci I'm heading to you blog to check out your questions! How fun! I hope you get a Wii Fit for Christmas if you want one:) It is kinda rude sometimes though, I just ignore it;)