Monday, November 23, 2009

Family Picture day!

Yay!  Picture day was terrific!  We had our awesome photographer Ruth, a nice day and plenty of smiles!  Some of the kids got a little chilly since they only wore t-shirts under their hoodies.  Poor things, my fault I should have told them to put long sleeves on! 

We had lots of fun, I thought of more ideas after our camera lady left. Maybe for next time;) It was absolutely worth it to have someone come and do the pictures for us.  Josh really doesn't like to have his picture taken, he also likes to do the "set up the camera and run in" thing.  THAT drives me NUTS!  So it was my anniversary present to have our pictures taken professionally:)  I really like my present.  Ruth did some great edits for me as well!  I really need to learn that!  So much fun! I did a little cropping to some of them.

                              This one I cropped.

and this one too!

This is looking out of our tree fort.

I love whatever this is called, maybe Sepia?


Picture day was awesome!  Love it!


Anonymous said...

Hey there... LOVE your photos... but does this mean that we won't be getting one in the mail to hang on my fridge??? Your kids are all growing up soooo fast! And you look terrific... ok... so does Josh (don't want him feeling left out!!!) Love and Hugs, Sharon

Jen Wilson said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE them! And the Christmas-y background :)

Unknown said...

Awesome Photos!
I love the stars !

Lollie said...

Thanks guys! I really like them too! And 2 of the pictures seen here will be on our Christmas card.:)

Annie said...

They are great pictures!