Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Watch Out!! Freak Mom may appear without WARNING!

   Yikes!  Here she comes again! You know that woman you pretend isn't apart of you.  Well at least I do.  Know mostly she is the yeller, the panic maniac, the worrier. 
   Last night she appeared, out of the blue.  Madalyn's fever was 102, which is a little high for just teething.  She was tired and didn't want to eat her supper, just her bottle.  Nothing to get really excited about.  So what do I do?  Well "I" listen to her heart.  Yes I know she is no longer at risk for SVT.  Yes I know that she has only even been in SVT once after her birth, and that was when she WAS at risk.  And yes I know that she had the green light almost a year ago.  For some reason that does not stop me from periodically putting my ear to her little chest and listening for the little "thump, thump."  
    Well it just so happens that a fever can raise your heart rate (duh).  That thought sort of went through my mind as I clocked her heart at 188bpm.  This seemed way to fast to me and I phoned the nurse, who of course didn't have a clue what the normal heart rate for a child with fever could be.  She told me to take her in immediately.  AAAAH!  Not what "Freak Mom" needs to hear!
    Poor Madalyn was whisked away by the freakish woman to the ER.  Where the nice patient nurses took her heart rate, attached her to machines and we proceeded to wait 30mins for the Dr. 
   Madalyn entertained all the ER with her own rendition of "Ei, I, Ei, I, OOO"  (That's Old MacDonald had a farm if you're wondering). 
   The nice Dr. finally came over.  He was less concerned with her heart rate and more concerned with the fever.  I was just the opposite.  He checked her all over and could not find any source for the fever.  He then wanted to run blood tests and do a chest ex-ray!  AAAHH! "Freak MOM what have you done!!??"  
   I explained to the nice DR. that the fever was from teething.  He proceeded to tell be babies don't get fevers from teething.  I let him know they do, or well at least ALL FIVE of mine did/do!  (don't worry I was nice)
   I told the nice Doctor that we would not be doing any blood tests or ex-rays, but I would be sure to take her to our family Doc if the fever persisted.  (See Non-Freak Mom does appear)
   In all of this "Freak Mom" did not realize that she was actually speaking TO our Family Doctor.  I was terribly embarrassed when he explained that he was said Doc.  OOPS!   Today though I am no longer embarrassed but have consoled myself with thoughts that not recognizing your own Doctor is in fact a good thing.  This means we don't see him very often!
   In conclusion Madalyn was not in SVT, she is perfectly fine, besides teething.
   I have since put "Freak Mom" back in her box!!

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Unknown said...

Ha thanks for the laugh, hope the little miss feels better real soon:)