Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Every now and then I have to stop and check my brain.

   I know it's been awhile since my last post.  I've been busy, chickens, wedding cakes and some more that I'll have to explain one day.

    First of all we did get our chickens.  They were such cute little fuzzy things.

       We have 7 Bantam chicks.  2 White Silkies. 3 Black Cochins. 1 Golden Sebright and 1 Silver Duckwing Old English.
     They peep and peck and scratch.  They are pretty cute.  Every now and then I have to stop and check my brain because I think I must be crazy.  What am I doing with chickens!
      Today they are 3 weeks old.  They have really changed, they're bigger and noisier.  They've outgrown their little brooder and Josh had to custom make one from old tire rim boxes. 

     I think they will be very pretty when they are done this awkward looking stage.  I just noticed that the word "awkward" is just that!
       I'm afraid though that we might have 3 roosters.  There are 3 very aggressive little birds in there.  Possibly 4!  Which leaves me with just 3 or 4 hens.  I might have to order some more. 
       I just found out that my neighbors are getting a horse.  Which actually according to bylaws they aren't allowed to have unless they have 2 acres on this street. 
       Maybe I'll barter with them, I won't complain about their horse if they don't complain about my roosters.
       What am I going to do with more then one rooster?  Isn't that a recipe for disaster?
      I was thinking that if I had a Silkie rooster and a Cochin rooster I could raise babies. 
      I love the colours of my Golden Sebright, she/he is going to be beautiful.  I'm pretty sure it's a rooster, he charges my finger and tries to bite.   I'm certain that the Silver Duckwing is a hen, she's so sweet and gentle.  
     Josh has a plan for a coop, but we haven't started building yet.  Next set he's home, next Tuesday, we're starting.  I've heard three different plans, so I'm not sure what it's going to be.  Oh, well. 
   Oh yes and the wonderful wedding of Silas and Samantha.  They had a beautiful wedding, and here's their cake, that Heidi and I baked and decorated.

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Unknown said...

Yea for chickens, we had some when I was younger and of school age. They are great learning experience. Sadly a bear thought they would make a great snack and that was the end most of them. Can't say I shed any tears. No more stinky egg collecting.