Friday, May 28, 2010

Just do it....Yourself!

    I am amazed at how much the boys have improved on their instruments.  Bevan's drum teacher is very happy with him.  They have even order a child sized drum for him so that he can march in the band with them.  They had him march with them for the Relay for Life, but without the drum, it's really heavy.  It'll be much easier for him when the smaller one arrives. 
   Bradon's pipes teacher is equally enthusiastic when she tells me about the songs he's been working on.  They are impatiently waiting for a chanter piece that's been order for the bagpipes that he will be playing. 
   All this Scottish influence has gotten me thinking that the Highland dance looks pretty fun.  I was looking for someone to teach the girls.  Surprisingly though we don't have a group here in Terrace.  But you know me, I don't give up that easily, so I'll just learn it myself and teach it too them!
   Yep, that's what I've been doing this week, learning the Highland dance steps so I can eventually teach the girls.  I've been watching youtube videos like this one

It's way harder then it looks!  I have lost a lot of spring in my legs, sheesh I thought I could jump better then this!
   I have really enjoyed it though, and it's so much more fun then my treadmill!  This is the best workout I've ever had, because it's so fun.  My muscles hurt, even the ones in my feet!
   It's hard, but I think I'll get better.  I have yet to get my arms coordinated with my feet. 
  Madalyn thinks it's funny and at first she copied me, now she wants to sit under my feet.  Silly baby!


Theresa said...

The dancing sounds fun. I bet it is much harder than it looks!

Jen Wilson said...

Wow, you're AMAZING!!! That dancing looks like SO MUCH FUN though. :)