Thursday, November 11, 2010

What do I want?

  I have a pretty good idea of what getting for others.  Well the kids mostly.  Adults are a little harder.  Especially the none picky ones.  Which means yes they are easy to please, but I want to try harder to make in meaningful, that takes more brain steam. 
   I know what I want Josh to get me, well a few things, he can pick one!
First of all I've always wanted a fondue set.

       A Kitchen Aid pasta maker attachment would be nice.
              I would love to have the Canon Rebel camera or a Nikon.
Or let me go clothes shopping!  That would be nice too:)

Really though these are things that I can accumulate over time and don't really need for any reason. 

Now I will go write a post about how Christmas is not about getting or giving, it's about Christ.  'Cause now I'm feeling guilty.

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