Sunday, November 14, 2010

Here We Go 'Round the Cough, Cold, Flu Bush.

  A mulberry bush sounds like more fun then the circle we've been traveling the last few weeks.  Bad coughs, one puker, all day fever, runny noses.  I am hoping this cycle ends soon, I'm tired of keeping the sick ones locked up.  With sending out the healthy ones I'm still afraid we're infecting others, or bringing in more germs! 
   I am however thankful that it is more annoying than it is really ugly.  We are not doing that badly, we're doing pretty good all things considered.  The baby toddler is not throwing up.  Only the oldest one did, he handled it well, I didn't even know about it until the morning (poor guy).   All those in between had their turn with a runny nose and 2 with coughs.  So over all we're good!
   There was that one year....well lets not go there again (shudder).
  I was feeling pretty queasy myself, so I've been downing the silver water, vitamin C and acidophilus.  I felt good enough to do my workout!

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Unknown said...

Well your doing everything right so hopefully it skips you and keeps moving.. Just think now they are all immune :)