Wednesday, October 13, 2010

TV shows I like!

  Because I'm bored and should be sleeping. Because I know I won't get time to blog tomorrow when the kids are up.  Because I just visited Starlit Home my friend in real life who is a blogger too, and I got this idea from her.  And well just because I can....Here's my list of shows I like to watch.

Covert Affairs.  A fun spy girl show.

Hawthorne. I like Jada Smith.

Parenthood.  Big family.

NCIS LA.  Who wouldn't want to watch LLcoolJ take down some bad guys!

Packed to the Rafters. Nother big Family.

In Plain Sight is about WITSEC.  She's a tough Marshal

Castle.  I really like Castle. Unlike other cop shows it doesn't creep me out.
Can't believe I almost forgot! CHUCK!!
Spy show, but not what you'd expect.


HollyElise said...

Oh, I like "Parenthood" too!

Unknown said...

I've only heard of three of these shows! The rest are definitely going on my list to check out.