Saturday, March 20, 2010


       Do you like my new picture?  This is sunset at Waikiki Beach.   I truly think we're addicted to Hawaii.  Since the first day we went there in June 2007, we've HAD to go back.  We think about other places, California, Greece, even Austrailia, but we just can't give up Hawaii.  If we could afford to fly to more then one place a year then we'd go see something else.  But really when you've only got once to go then how can you not go to Hawaii?!  We've been there 4 times and I think I've only been to 5 beaches.  There are 20 more to see if not more!! I have to keep going till I see them all! Right?   There are lots of things we haven't seen or done there yet.  This trip was the first time I went to the Diamond Head Crater, and I didn't even make it to the top (ankle:( ).  It's also the first time I was on the North Shore.   You may think it's  a small island how could you possible not see it all in 4 trips!!?  I'm telling you there is soooo much to see and do.
I do sometimes feel guilty for going there so much. 

        If you are planning to travel anywhere my advice is do your homework.  I learnt so much from travel books at the library.  For flights, watch for seat sales.  Try to plan your holiday in the off season, everthing is a little cheaper and there are less people.  For us the best time to fly to Hawaii is April.  West-Jet has great seat sales then. 
          Don't feel limited to just Hotels, VRBO and vacation rental website has some great places to stay.  But do you're home work about those too.  Most people we've interacted with are very nice and curtious, but I've heard some are not. has lots of info on everything.  Josh found us some amazing little places to eat, with great prices and good food. 
     Have an idea of the activities you want to do.  Try to find the less expensive ones. Tours can cost a lot more then just going there on your own.  Most places are pretty self-explanitory, but if you're visiting a Volcano then maybe it might be good to have a guide!
    We didn't do everything we wanted to do, and we always spend a bit more then we planned.  Mostly on the Kona coffee!
    Every place has it's treasures and dangers too, so read up!  There are great books at the library and great resources online too! 
   Above all relax and have a good time!!
This is Hanauma Bay

Josh and I after snorkeling Hanauma
The view of Rainbow Beach while horseback riding.
Walking Tree at Waikiki, with a pretty lady swinging in it

Eating shrimp on the North Shore!

Waimea Beach

Waimea Valley



joni said...

i love your post.. oye.. now i wanna cry.. its not even possible to live here for all the other weeks and only go to Hawaii for two.
ahhhh .

but again .. awesome post my friend.

Dawn said...

Hey! We are spending 2 weeks in Hawaii at Christmas this year. We are doing a week in Maui and another week on Oahu. What do you recommend?

Lollie said...

Hmm, I could think of lots of things. Kailua Beach has the most amazing soft powder sand. The North Shore has the awesome little Shrimp shacks. Waimea Beach is such a beautiful little cove, and you can catch some great waves.
If you like great food Chili's is good so is OutBack. If you want really good (but expensive maybe just a one nighter) Roy's @ Ko Olina. If you like big shopping malls the Ala Moana is a must! If you like pinapple the Dole Plantation!!
Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay is great, but not on a windy day. So if it's windy head to Ko Olina Lagoon #2, snorkel there and you might meet Gimpy the 3 legged turtle!