Friday, February 12, 2010

The Count Down!

 So the count down is on, well it's been on, but now we're down to 6 days.  6 days and we fly to Hawaii!  I'm so excited!  A little sad too, leaving the kids behind is never very fun.  Once I get on the plane and it leaves the ground I will be fine. 
    Right now it's, school, clean, organize, laundry, pack!!  Like crazy!  School is double work for me as I organize lessons for when we're gone and Oma takes over.  I got most of it done on the kids snowboarding day.  There are still a few loose ends to tie up.  Plus I don't know how it will be for Mom to jump in and do all this stuff.  I've been doing it for so long, but what would it be like for someone to just jump into it full swing!?  So I'm making alternate plans as well, something for the kids to keep busy with that won't require too much for Oma to do:)  I think I've decided that stretching 1 week into 2 might work nice. 
     I also have great aspirations of getting into each room and cleaning it from top to bottom.  (Ya, like that's going to happen!)  Maybe just the bathrooms;)
     I am looking forward to relaxing, sitting on the beach, walking in the sand.  It looks like we're going to be on a tight budget.  I was a little disappointed, that wasn't the plan, but oh well, can't complain, at least I'm in Hawaii:)  There are lots of things to do and see that are free or cost very little.  I'll just be happy to be there.
    If you notice the picture on the top of my blog, it's one I took last year in Hawaii.  I'm looking forward to these views again:)  I will miss my kids like crazy.  And probably feel really guilty about leaving them. Especially guilty that Mom is taking care of them, and hoping that she doesn't have any trouble.  
     Well better get busy, 3 kids are done some school, waiting on the last one.  Counters to clean, bathrooms and vacuuming!  

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Dawn said...

Yeah! I am so jealous! I will answer your question on my blog soon. I love you too and hope you have an amazing trip!