Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 18: Your biggest insecurity

 This is a hard one.  I'm insecure in lots of areas.  They are all negative thoughts and are never based on truth. 
They all include feeling fat, ugly and not good enough or good at something I want to be good at. 
The problem with these thoughts is that they never accomplish any good.  So I MUST choose to think in better ways.  I am not "fat", but I am not healthy, so I am working to change that by making healthy choices.
I am not "ugly" but not getting proper sleep and drinking proper amounts of water makes my skin less than desirable.
I may not be perfect but I am good enough and if it's something I really want to do I will learn how!  The best thing I can do is be who God made me to be! His servant, and just be ME!

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