Sunday, August 22, 2010

Would I? Could I? Could You?

  Have you ever heard of  "Trash the dress"?  I thought it was amazing that these ladies who spent probably a couple grand on a gorgeous dress would "trash" it.

If you go to google images you'll see lots of pictures like this.  Of couples or just brides, sometimes even the whole bridal party, trashing their clothes.  There are many ways to do this, water, mud, sand, even paint!
Although the pictures are really cool, I wonder whatever happened to the old fashioned idea of the treasure.  My Mother wore her mother's wedding gown.  Which I too could have worn, but chose not to because it was very yellowed by age.  The dress had been my Grandmother's from her wedding in the early 30's. 
My seamstress cousin said that there was no way to protect the Chantilly lace from falling apart if we tried to whiten it.   So sadly I passed. 
I am sure that my Grandmother and Mother are not the only women who have saved their wedding dresses for decades. 
Maybe the idea to trash it came from women not wanting  their daughters to feel they had to wear Mom's gown.  So rather then save it let's have a little fun and do the unthinkable! Trash the dress! 
I must say that it does look like lots of fun.  Kinda rebellious, railing against tradition sorta thing.  I like that.
If I could fit in my wedding dress again (unlikely), would I, could I....trash it??
Would you?

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Unknown said...

I can't say much about modern wedding dresses because I didn't have one, but if the price is any indication, I'd be putting it in a glass case to seal it permanently! Actually, I was blessed to be able to wear the same dress that my mother and her sister wore. My only other girl cousin was to wear it in her wedding, but sadly she passed away before it came about. I'm kind of hoping that one of my girls would like to wear it, but it will be up to them. Everyone feels differently about this kind of thing. But as excited as I was to wear it at the time, I am even more glad I did now that 27 years of wonderful marriage have passed (and looking forward to many more!).

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