Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Flock

  Our little flock is growing up.  They are almost 14 weeks now, I think. 
   Sadly the 3 Roosters are getting to noisy now, so we're going to have to sell them.   I'm going to keep one.  The smallest one.  
Here they all are.

My little Rooster goes...

Our Silkie Rooster, who needs a new home

Our Golden Sebright Roo needs a new home too, he's so pretty!

My little Silkie hen, hope she won't miss her Roo to much!

My Black Cochin hens.

Well there you have it.   All the chickens in the flock, that once was 7 will soon be 5. 


Traci Michele said...

How fun!

Unknown said...

Beautiful birds! I wish I could take one of those roosters off your hands but our chicken amenities are still on the to do list. For now, I keep an ear out for a rooster crowing a few farms down the road each morning, I love hearing him!