Wednesday, August 4, 2010


  There are some really cute and funny sayings for shirts and hats at this site.   I don't know if you can order these in Canada, but you could probably create your own:) 
  I think Breastfeeding information should be widely shared and every week should be breastfeeding week, and I guess it would be if you are currently breastfeeding!

   I had some misconception when I was breastfeeding my first 4. 

Myth #1 You don't need to breastfeed past 1yr. 
Truth:  There are many benefits to breastfeeding longer, one big plus is your baby stills gets Mama's action packed nutrient filled milk.

Myth#2 Once your baby is eating all the food groups they no longer need breast milk.
Truth:  Well since breast milk aids in digestion and still protects little ones immune system I don't see why you'd want eliminate it from their diet.

Myth #3 Nursing a toddler is unnecessary and inappropriate, especially in public. 
Truth:  What?  Are you kidding me?  My toddler is putting anything and everything in her mouth, it's a good thing she's getting some boosting to her body for virus and bacteria protection!!

I can't think of any other Myths but this article really changed my perspective of extended breastfeeding.  Ok for some reason the really good article at Peaceful Parenting has been removed.  I have requested a copy with permission to post it!

Here's a really good fact sheet!

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