Friday, May 26, 2017

  Here we are.  A week from our due date.  I don't feel rushed, I'm ready to wait till he's ready.  Maybe he'll be here by the 16th.
  Dr. has tried to check and even offered to strip membranes.  I said "No thanks!"   Both the Doc and the Nurse were surprised that I was not interested in any of that. 
   Today we or I should say Josh and the boys are doing house demo and rearrange.  I'm washing baby clothes, thinking about packing a bag, and getting Bradon into one math lesson. 
   I think I'll get the carseat washed up and the bassenet, although I plan on having the sugar baby sleep with us. 
  Update: Bowen was born on April 16th.  Dr. A tried to break my water 45min later he was out! He was hung up for a bit by a shoulder. 

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