Friday, May 26, 2017

911 (from Dec. 2012)

      I called 911 for the first time in my life.  Christmas Eve.  I hope I never have to do that again, but it's nice to know that there is someone to call that can get you an ambulance when you need one.  Even though it took them over 15mins to get here.
The kids were out sledding, Auntie M and I were getting the Littles all geared up to join the Bigs outside.  The Bigs were waiting for the Littles, they decided to hit the "big" hill a couple of times while they waited.   Only it hadn't snowed in a few days, it had rained, the hill was a little slick.  My 13yr old usually very cautious boy hopped on a saucer, like he had done everyday the past few days.  The ride was a lot faster than he anticipated and the saucer jumped the run.  His knee sunk into a little hole abrubtly stopping him his leg hitting the log behind the hole. 
       Josh was watching from the window, with our company.  He knew instantly something was wrong.  He passed me on his way out saying, "Bevan stopped kind of sudden I'm going to see if he's ok."
Right away my alarm went off, because my husband is not the kind of Dad who runs at every booboo.   I panic at most things, "She has a toothpick in her knee! We're going to the emergency room"  Josh would say, "Hang on, I've got plyers!"
I knew something was not right.  I looked out the window.  My 16yr old was on the ground beside his younger brother who was laying there not moving.  He was talking to him, keeping him company.  I was worried but I knew Josh was on his way down, I heard the snowmobile zip by the house. 
   Auntie M and I got the kids outside on the "little" hill and I ran over to the "big" hill.  I had my cell phone, I'm not sure why I did.  Josh was already down there with him.  So was Mr. M and Uncle J.   The look on Josh's face sent me into sheer panic mode and I yelled down the hill to them, "I'm calling an ambulance!!"  He looked up at me and his words did not match his face.  "Just a minute"  I hung on just one second and called 911! 
   The very great and wonderful men here very carefully lifted my broken boy into a plastic tobagon and carried him into the house.   Big brother and cousin ran to the road to make sure the ambulance knew where to go.
   His leg looked awful, he was in so much pain.  It was heartwrenching.  I was down on the ground by his head.  I talked to him, prayed with him, and tried to keep him awake.  The poor guy just wanted to sleep. 
    The fire crew arrived first.  They cut off his boot, snow pants and pants.  He was not impressed.  Then the ambulance got there.  They gave him some laughing gas to help with pain.  They, with the help of Uncle J, pulled his leg straight. 
     Then we were whisked away in the ambulance.  I thought we were through the worst part.  I was wrong.  Mucsle spasms kept making my baby scream.  He would dilegently take deep breaths of the gas.  At the hospital, the part where you think it's all going to get better, it got worse.  They gave him morophine which helped with the pain, but because he is rarely even on tylenol or advil the moropine really effected him.  His breathing got really slow.  Now the nurses were good, they didn't let on how scared they were till after.  I was curious about why they wanted me to keep telling him to breath. 
   That was not the worst, the worst was coming.  I am not sure how long we waited for x-ray.  It's all a blurr.  They were wheeling us into the x-ray room.   The nurse told me that they gave him a sedative and he would sleep through all this.  WRONG!  He reacted badlly the meds and had nightmares out loud!  I stayed by his head and talked him though it. 
   They put his leg in a different traction contraption.  They gave him an antidote to the sedative and he finally slept. 
   We were back in ER waiting for a transfer team.  Now I'm told we don't have an Orthepedic surgeon so we need to go to PG or Vancouver.  There is however Dr. T who is out of Kitimat and PR, so if we're lucky and he answers his phone then we could go there. 
   I am still breastfeeding baby B, and I'm trying to think what to do if I'm gone too long. 
We put it on the prayer chain

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