Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Did I tell you about Christmas?

  This year Christmas with my family was at my house.  It was wonderful! A house full of people, 15 for four of those days.  It's always nice to visit people, but you never really get to know someone until you live with for at least a week!
   The kids got along really well.  There were 8 kids in total. 
    My Brother-In-Law is a great cook! Thanks for all your help in the kitchen! It was greatly appreciated by all!
    Josh got to be here for 4 of the days, but he was at work over the actually Christmas days. 
   I got to bounce my lovely 5 month old nephew to sleep.  Chatt with my other 2 nephews.  Laugh with my Sister and Bro-In-Law.  It was great.  Next year your house ok Sis?
   Mom and Bob came with baked goodies.   It really is a blessing to have the room to accommodate us all.  As much as my house can bug me in its goofy layout and unfinishedness, it does have it's good points.  
   When my family left we spent time with Josh's family.  Uncle I and Auntie Y came up with all the kiddies.  Playing with cousins is the bestest!  And we did lots of that this past holiday.
   By New Years all the family had returned to their respective homes, some as early as boxing day.  We returned to some kind of normal.  Until the stomach flu hit us last week.  It is still trying to make an appearance I think as one kid is not feeling so hot right now.  
   I was very bad at getting to my Christmas cards.  I do still plan on sending them out, they will now be called New Year's cards! 
   The Christmas tree is still standing, I know, I know!  Don't worry it's coming down this week!


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joni said...

nice post Lolly.. hoping you all get very well soooon!! goodness huh!