Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 16: Someone that inspires you

This is my wonderful, beautiful sister-in-love.  She grew up the little sister of the man I love.  But she is so much more than that to me.
She inspires me in so many ways.  She is brave and strong.  Full of love and life.  When she shares with me the things that God is revealing to her and what He is doing in her life I am in awe. 
She is His servant and she lives her life yielded to His.  Her love for others and her constant seeking of the Lord in what He wants her to do is a continual encouragement to me. 
I look at her and I don't feel defeated or that I'm not good enough, she never makes you feel that. 
She inspires me to seek the Lord for what He has for me this day.
I Love you my girl!
May His face shine upon you continually and many blessing on you and your sweet family.


HollyElise said...

You and she were two of my heros when I was little.

Lollie said...

Awww, Holly you are so sweet:)

Unknown said... makes me cry in a good way:)

Dawn said...

She is amazing isn't she???

Laurie said...

Yep, she's a keeper.