Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shred it!

  Some of you know I've been doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred.  It has definitely taken me longer than 30 days.  In the beginning there was no way I could do 2 consecutive days because my muscles were so sore! 
  I haven't lost tons of weight.  8lbs so far and I'm on the 6th day of Level 3.  I'm not too concerned about what I haven't lost, but I'm totally psyched about what I've gained! 
   I am stronger!  I can do more than I could before.  Going up and down the stairs is a breeze now.  Loading wood in the fire not as hard (still don't like doing it but I actually can now). 
  When I think about how weak I was it's kind of scary.  I'm not done yet I still have a ways to go.  Level 3 is still kicking my butt pretty good.  I know my cardiovascular system thanks me.  
   I've also lost inches too.  How much exactly I don't know.  I never did measure, but I started at a size 12 and now my size 10s are getting lose and baggy.   Maybe soon I'll get into those old size 8s I have kicking around in the closet.
   I never use to like working out, but now I look forward to it. 
  It's good to sweat!
And now I have good stabilizing muscles to wear my 5" Steve Madden high heels;)


Unknown said...

Woot excited for you:)

Unknown said...

That is awesome!!

Traci Michele said...

Love it! This is my FAVORITE workout video! I like level 1 and 3. Not a fan of the stuff in level 2.

Keep it up! I have some super cool deltoid muscles going on! lol

Love you heel wearing comment.

joni said...

i love that you are doing this..
and the workout is great.

smile.. awesome.