Thursday, July 22, 2010


    Not serious changes, just bloggy ones.  I loved my palm tree background and my Waikiki Beach sunset photo by Josh.  Today I received a message from "Cutest little blog" where I got my background from, saying that as of tomorrow my palm trees would be no more.  So sad. 
  So I checked out Bloggers new design stuff.  I really, really wanted to use my Waikiki Beach sunset as my background, but I couldn't see any options for doing so.   I picked a background of a beach, kind of at sunset or sunrise, I'm not sure.   And my other favorite picture, of my gorgeous kids!  Sorry if that not good edicate but I really do think they are gorgeous so I'm just tellin' ya!
   How do you like the new set up?


HollyElise said...

Super-cute new layout! And I love the photo of your (also super-cute) kids :)
I remember Bradon as a little toddler... :)

Unknown said...

I love the photo of the kids they are gorgeous and your allowed to say so for sure:)