Friday, July 16, 2010

100th Post!!

  This is my 100th post!   I was thinking it should be something great.  I've been sitting on it for a week, maybe longer and I just can't think of anything.
   I thought I could tell you all of my birth stories, wouldn't that be fun? :)
   Or rant about the oil spill in the Gulf, like everyone else.
   Maybe I could tell you all the things I love and that inspire me, that might be to long.
  I could write out my parenting philosophy for you.  I could share my struggles and victories.  There are so many great things to choose from.
   Like how I taught my kids to read.  When is the best time to start math?  Things of that sort.
  The most important thing in my life is Jesus.  Because of His sacrifice I can know and be known by God.  Because of Him I can come to the throne of my Heavenly Father I can have His Grace, His Peace, His Love.  Because of those things I can live this life that is full of blessings, pain, laughter, love, toil and trouble.  Because I can, because of Him, I am and I will be.  He was, He is and always He forgives, He lives.  
I would not want to walk through this wilderness without Him holding my hand:)
I think that I said it all right there.