Thursday, September 3, 2009

My First Baby Girl (sry the pics are messed up)

Nat 2 Natalie age 9

couple mons


So Aug. 29, 2000, Natalie Michelle Davis enters the stage. She joins the Losh&Jollie Davis clan as the first born girl. What a lot of hair!! Thick black hair with frosted tips! Is she ours? After 2 mostly bald boys it's hard to tell. What a sweet little baby girl. Pink is so fun. After she was born pink officially became my favorite colour. The first 4 weeks were perfect. Then the colic started. How we survived I don't know, but thankfully it only lasted 3 months. At 4mons she was back to angel baby, as if nothing had happened.

Natalie has been such a joy. Some of the things she use to say were. "I luss you" "iceceem" "beva hit me" "brada hit me" "lets go"

Her hair was always amazing. I was so sad when she was 4yrs I had to cut lots of inches off. It was past her bottom.

I love having my girlie:) (All my girlie's but this post is about Natalie;)

Now my little girl is 9. Overall she is very nice and well behaved. Although like anyone she has her moments. :)

Natalie is very creative and likes to sew with her sewing machine. She draws very well. This year she requested a bow and arrows for her birthday. So that's what she got:)

So you can probably tell I got most of these pictures from my album. I do scrap booking so I couldn't' take them out and scan them without ruining my pictures. I have no idea how to fix them or why they came up sideways!

Looking forward to watching her continue to grow:)

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