Tuesday, February 7, 2012


  Well I didn't finish the Joy Dare. 
  I did however while sitting here looking at FB have an amazing realization. 
 9:30 am is around the time that Josh phones from work. He usually catches me still in bed, usually with a pre-schooler climbing around my head or she's stacking up pillows and using my knees as a launch pad.  Anyway the point is my feet have not yet hit the floor.   I started the Hello Mornings Challenge from Inspired to Action.  
  For the past couple of weeks when Josh calls I'm already done my coffee, and school assignments are started. 
  TODAY.....he hasn't called yet and I've already been to the grocery store and back!!!! Miraculous!  Although I probably wouldn't have left the house if the kids were not attending Spiritual Emphasis Week.   And to be totally honest I wouldn't not have dashed in for a few things IF I had not been totally out of dishwasher detergent. ;)
   Yet I sit here still amazed at what has been accomplished in the time that I would have previously still been in bed! ;)

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