Wednesday, January 20, 2010


     Where do the days go?  This month is flying by.  I thought with being so immobile that it would drag, but nope, it's not! 
     I can walk now, with or with out my air-cast, but my ankle gets really rebellious if I insist on walking without the cast.  So I wear the darn thing. 
    We are kind of in full swing of school, well most days.  We are wrapping up the last week of Year 1, Unit 4, TOG.   We are so excited to start Year 2, well maybe I'M excited the most.  I love new curriculum, new books.  LOVE IT.
     In not so fun news I gained 5lbs sitting around here elevating my foot:(   I can't do my Wii Fit, to risky to reinjure my ankle yet.  So the only thing I can do is adjust my food, and I did.  It wasn't easy, I hate disipline, I like to do what I want;)
     I haven't put any sugar in my coffee or cream.  I only have 1-2 pieces of weight watchers bread a day if any.   I drink 2 1/2 litres of water a day.  I have 5-6 small meals of protein and carbs a day.  So like 1/2 chicken breast in whole wheat tortilla with 2 slices of tomatoe and 2 slices of avocado.    Or chicken salad, and I measure my dressing to make sure I keep it under a tbsp.  I also found some lean turkey sauage rounds that make nice sausage and egger sandwiches!  And boiled eggs are not the yummiest snack, but they are ok.
      It's paid off.  I've officially lost 6lbs as of today!  I seem to be loosing about 1/2 lb a day.  I'm sure most of it is water though. 
     I'm trying to come up with ball excercise ideas, ones that won't hurt my ankle. 
    Josh is busy stalking airline sites to buy tickets for a good deal.  We are flying to Hawaii with friends in February.  Hoping my ankle is going to be all good for then!!

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Unknown said...

Great job on controlling your food, that's totally my downfall too.