Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Turtle

"Life as Lollie" doesn't mean I'm writing about the life of a sea turtle, although it may seem like it with the giant picture.

I can't explain it, I love sea turtles. Ever since my first trip to Hawaii I have liked them. As a matter of fact we called our little baby "Aukai" till we named her. Aukai is the Hawaiian word for "little swimmer." It was the name of a little sea turtle.

For some reason the picture is huge! And I'm just figuring out this blog and the editing tools so it'll be that way till I'm done:)

I wasn't sure what to call this Blog. It could have been lots of things. Homeschool Haven, Party of 7, 7 and counting, All things cooked and crazy( huh?). Anyway I think it'll have to be "Life as Lollie" till I think of something better. Lollie is me by the way. A name given to me by my little friend, who isn't so little anymore;)

So we shall see what actually ends up on here won't we.

For now hope you all have a warm and cozy night, cause it's freezing out there!

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